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October 2016
Dear Friends,
Welcome to another wonderful start of the year at Bridgeview Montessori School. New friendships are forged, classroom routines are established and learning has commenced in full. Signs of students and teachers digging deep are all around.
For our family, this year marked a change. My daughter was one of ten students to graduate from Bridgeview Montessori School last year. She is thriving at her new school. Likewise, it is clear that her former classmates are all doing remarkably well in their new schools (Public, Independent, and Parochial). The success of these ten graduates gives me a new lens with which to view the Bridgeview Montessori School experience.
At Bridgeview Montessori School, our children learn to dig deep. Our children learn how to learn, how to question and investigate. Our children learn how to try, to fail and to try it again. Our children learn how to be a member of a community, how to support their classmates, how to share, how to listen. Our children learn who they are and how they can represent themselves in the world. And, yes, our children learn the required curriculum and so much beyond. Armed with all this knowledge, Bridgeview Montessori School graduates are ready – truly prepared and ready- for what the wider world has to offer.
As I watch this group of recent graduates, as well as my son in EII and my son in kindergarten, I am struck by how much the new mission statement for the school reflects what the students learn. The core values of the new statement are:
  • We cultivate creative process.
  • We grow empowered and resilient people.
  • We hold community close.
What an amazing thing that our small school can offer these incredible experiences. And what better testimony to the work it does than the success of its graduates?
I would like to ask each of you to consider the value of these experiences as we open this year’s Circle of Giving. Independent schools like ours depend on an annual fund to help support the amazing programming offered by the school. Tuition costs are kept as low as possible so our circle of giving gives us the needed boost to offer these amazing experiences. Funds from our Circle of Giving help us to offer special programming, maintain our building, and start new projects.
We call our campaign the Circle of Giving because, in our circle, all gifts are equal. We ask that each family give as they are able. We value each and every gift. Our goal truly is to have 100% participation, to know that all our families support the work that our amazing teachers and administration do. So I would like to humbly ask you to please make a gift to Bridgeview Montessori School. Your tax deductible gift helps to make our small school great. Your help with our Circle of Giving allows the school to continue to encourage, inspire and teach our children in amazing ways.
Thank you for your support.
Leslie Dominguez-Santos
Vice-President, Board of Trustees
Parent of a kindergar


Cash donations are tax-deductible. Your company may match any gifts you contribute to our school -- ask your HR professional for details.

Gifts-in-kind such as computer equipment, property, physical fitness equipment, etc., are welcome. Our office can provide you with a gift-in-kind form for your tax purposes 508-888-3567











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