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Parent Survey: Spring 2010

What parents are saying about their children's experience at Bridgeview Montessori School: 

“Bridgeview Montessori is a wonderful place to let your children grow into compassionate, capable students.”

“The school has enhanced my child's love of learning, her confidence, her independence and her sense of community.”

“My child looks forward to school everyday. The art history topics covered are unbelievable. She doesn't understand how everyone must learn at the same pace and thinks that it would be just ‘horrible’.”

“My girls seem genuinely happy going to Bridgeview Montessori School. It's great to hear about their day and what they have learned.”


“Bridgeview Montessori had provided our Pre-K student with an incredible foundation for a love of learning. She has been nurtured as a vital part of the school community and loves her teachers, her classmates and the entire school community - we do too.”

“Sending our daughter to Bridgeview Montessori was the best decision we ever made. We wish we had done it earlier in her school career.”

“Bridgeview met our children at their level, loved them for who they were, and helped them grow.”

“Discussions over changes and student behavior issues have been personal, discreet and productive. Where there could have been stress in resolution, there was instead support!”

“This is my daughter's second year at Bridgeview Montessori School. She always speaks about the masterpieces that she has created in art and her music lessons. Above all, she enjoys being a member of the Yellow Room. She describes it as her classroom rather than the teachers providing the instruction. This has been important for her because she not only has a sense of ownership but also responsibility for its care. This is a wonderful attribute to have instilled in a four year old.”

“As a parent I feel that Bridgeview Montessori School offers a safe learning environment where teachers and staff continue to work together to provide the best level of education for each child's individual needs.”

“Since my child has become a member of the Bridgeview Family, I've seen a great increase in her confidence and independence. Her self-esteem and willingness to learn has shown much improvement over the course of the school year.”



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