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Admissions Process
We make our admissions decisions after a family completes the process outlined below. During this process, our goals are to fully inform families about our program by encouraging questions and discussion and to get to know a prospective family and student. The knowledge gained by both parents and Bridgeview Montessori is a key step towards creating a wonderful family/ school match.
The Application Process:

  • Schedule a time for a tour and an “adults only” observation at the school, followed by a discussion of the program with our Director of Admissions, Suzanne Lawson. Families may also attend an Open Classroom Day or Open House. Please call the school at 508-888-3567 or email slawson@bridgeviewschool.com to schedule an observation appointment or to learn about visiting days.
  • Complete and submit an application and questionnaire together with a $50 non-refundable application fee per family. If you already have a child at Bridgeview Montessori, no need to pay an application fee.
  • If applying for Elementary I or II, please sign the enclosed Student Records Request and send it to your child’s present school asking that a COPY of his/her records be sent to Bridgeview Montessori School for review.
  • If applying for Elementary I or II, please give the Student Evaluation from Current Teacher form to your child’s current teacher.
  • Student Visit:
    • Prospective Children’s House students may visit a class, with their parent, on a scheduled morning. In most cases, parents and the Director of Admissions discuss how to proceed with this visit so that children feel good and appropriately excited about their possible new school.
    • Prospective Kindergarten students are invited to join a classroom and meet individually with either a Children’s House teacher or the Children’s House Director on a scheduled morning or afternoon. This visit must take place prior to acceptance.
    • Elementary students are invited to join a classroom for a school day between 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. This visit must take place prior to acceptance. In some cases, we or a family may want a prospective elementary student to visit for a second day or for consecutive days. 

Admissions priority is given to returning students and siblings as well as to those applying to the five-day Children’s House Programs. In the event that openings do not exist at the time of initial application, parents may elect to place their child on a waiting list. Under certain circumstances, the school may elect to grant admission on a conditional basis, under guidelines to be agreed upon with the parent at the time of acceptance.
Admissions Decisions:
Once we have received a completed application as described, we will notify you as to our admission decision, generally within three weeks. If accepted, you will receive an Annual Enrollment Contract that must be completed, initialed, signed, and returned to the school with a $500 enrollment deposit by the date indicated in your acceptance letter. The $500 enrollment deposit is applied towards tuition.
Please read that contract carefully. Click here to see sample contract.
Applications received during the summer will be handled individually, and admission decisions will be made as soon as possible based on available openings.
Scholarship Information:
Financial aid is awarded on an individual basis to students who have been accepted to and enrolled in the school and who have demonstrated financial need through the financial aid award process. Financial aid applications may be submitted online beginning November 1st and must be completed by March 22. Additional information, including prior two years’ tax returns, also needs to be submitted by March 22. Please note, to be considered for financial aid, you must be accepted to and enrolled in the program with your enrollment deposit paid. If your aid grant still makes it impossible for your child to attend Bridgeview Montessori School or if you do not qualify for a grant, you may request your enrollment deposit refund in writing by the date indicated in your financial aid letter. This is the ONLY instance when an enrollment deposit will be refunded. See enclosed sheet entitled The Financial Aid Process for detailed financial aid information.
Policy on Nondiscrimination:
Bridgeview Montessori School does not in any way discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national/ethnic origin, physical disability, toileting status, gender identity or expression, marital status, or sexual orientation in the administration of its hiring, admissions, and educational policies, or in any other school program.



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