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Our History and Vision

The Bridgeview Montessori School is the loving vision of Jean Rice and Palmer True who founded the school in 1999 when they were seeking an elementary Montessori program for their twin boys. Over the years the school has grown from humble beginnings as a one-room schoolhouse into its present multi-classroom facility, complete with art studio and kiln, library, and playground.

As inspired by Maria Montessori's vision, and brought to fruition by Jean and Palmer, Bridgeview is a peaceful, loving environment that fosters personal growth through authentic experiences. Bridgeview Montessori School honors individuality and celebrates differences through creativity and exploration. At Bridgeview, each member of our community is able to journey towards his/her unique personal potential.

In Palmer's own words.....
Our school began as a dream, a dream of providing a beautiful environment that is truly centered on the well being of the child and directed by lifelong learners who have trained for the privilege of working with our students.  

As many schools do, Bridgeview started in a church basement. The school began on the site of the Quaker Meetinghouse in Sandwich, a site that has been prayed on for more than 300 years; it was the meeting place of Indian tribes who came together to settle their differences and develop peace treaties. While we loved this environment, we filled the available space within the first year, and we longed for more sunlight in the classrooms, so we searched for another home for our school.  

After much looking, we decided on the property along the Cape Cod Canal that was the site of the Tinker's Table restaurant. It wasn't for sale at the time, but we were interested in buying it. One day we arrived at the parking lot and talked among ourselves about how we might convince the owners to sell it to us. As we got out of our cars and walked to the restaurant, a man came out and put a "closed" sign on the building. He then told us they were planning to sell the building. Ten months later, we bought the building, built a large addition, brought it up to code for a school, and opened our doors to the children of the Bridgeview Montessori School!  

Since then we have added a classroom for our Elementary II program (4th , 5th , and 6th grades), and small multi-purpose conference rooms.   We have also added a beautiful peace garden, outdoor classroom and lunch area behind the school, which is also the site of our kiln and ceramics shed.  

We have a spacious playground for our younger students and access to Keith Field for our older ones. We also take advantage of our 75 foot cut through to the Canal for nature walks and observations.

We invite you to visit our campus to learn whether our school fits with your needs and philosophies. We hope to welcome you and your family to our community!



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