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Bridgeview Montessori School is an independent, nonprofit day school in Sagamore, Massachusetts, serving children ages 2.9 through 12 years old. Our Children's House program serves students from ages 2.9 through Kindergarten age. Our Elementary program serves students from ages 6 to 9 in Elementary I (grades 1 through 3) and ages 9 to 12 in Elementary II (grades 4 through 6). Bridgeview Montessori is a member school of the American Montessori Society.

The educational focus of our school is to help each student explore and develop his or her own set of tools and strategies for learning. Maria Montessori developed many materials that allow children to learn progressively from concrete sensory experiences to abstract understanding. Fundamentally, Maria Montessori believed in the intrinsic worth and nobility of children. Multi-age classrooms, based on three-year developmental stages, emphasize individualized attention and promote independent life-long learning. Our students become self-directed, are able to work collaboratively, and see themselves as problem solvers. Young people leave our school with a well-developed sense of self-esteem equipped to face challenges and changes with optimism and flexibility.



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